Helen Andreoli B/W

Helen Andreoli , CFP®

Founding Partner, President & Chief Financial Officer

“I love getting to know my clients and becoming a part of their lives. I view financial planning as more than investing and saving for the future; it’s also about enjoying today. I’m here to help you live your best life, and that doesn’t just mean saving enough for a happy retirement. It’s also about enjoying yourself now.”

BA, Bates College, Political Science | MBA, University of Maine Orono

Helen Andreoli is the Chief Financial Officer and a Founding Partner of Great Diamond Partners.

On the leadership team, Helen connects and engages with clients as well as helps shape GDP’s vision for the future and the values they stand for. Her interest in conscious capitalism is at the center of her financial advising philosophy well as her commitment to her clients and the community.

Helen grew up on an island in mid-coast Maine and attended high school, college, and graduate school in the place she considers to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family. After graduating from college, Helen bought and ran her own small business. She operated a statewide waste and recycling hauling firm in Maine for eight years before selling the business in 1998. Helen’s own experience of running a family business enriches her work with business owners, families, as well as investment clients, and adds both a unique perspective and deep insight. Helen’s ability to build relationships shows in her everyday interactions with clients – one of her goals is to make their day a little better after having spoken with her.

After selling her business, Helen went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Business and began a career in wealth management. Over the next 22 years, she gained valuable knowledge and experience at several global wealth management firms as well as the opportunity to work with future partners Steve, Joe, and Jack. In 2019, Helen was looking for a better, more personal way to provide financial advising services to clients as well as to channel her expertise and passion into building something new, local, and independent. At this time, Helen, along with Steve, Joe, and Jack, began building what is now GDP. From that point on, Helen became an integral part of the GDP leadership team, leading with compassion and helping to define who they are today.

Helen lives in Portland with her husband, Charlie Tryder, and two dogs, Buddy, a Dogue de Bordeaux, and Buster, a Labrador Retriever. She has three grown children – Wyatt, a graduate of Arizona State, who is also a member of the GDP team, Blaine, a graduate of the University of Vermont, who works at a Maine-based technology company, and Sydney, also a graduate of the University of Vermont, who has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and works as a family counselor in Falmouth.

Helen currently serves on the Board of Directors for ProsperityME, whose mission is to bring financial success to both individuals new to our country and those struggling to build wealth. She is also a Board Member of the Maine Recovery Fund, which provides community support to people in recovery. Previous volunteer experience includes working with the Maine League of Women Voters, United Way of Greater Portland, and The Maine Community Foundation to assist in allocating funding to local non-profits.