Our Approach

High-Quality Integrated Solutions

By enhancing our wealth management services with advanced technology and an unwavering commitment to service, we help our clients identify their financial objectives and put in place a precise and durable roadmap to achieve those goals.

As reporting and transparency are cornerstones of our service commitment, we will maintain open and proactive communication.  Online, customized account reviews are available on demand.

Investment Consulting

Our disciplined approach to investment consulting allows you to achieve your goals with confidence and peace of mind.  As an independent firm, we access best-in-class investment products on your behalf from any provider.

With every recommendation we make to you, we’ll educate and instill confidence.  And with every progress report we share, we’ll provide clarity and understanding.

Advanced Planning

We recognize the realities that drive your hopes and dreams as you aspire to preserve and grow your assets, and therefore place as much importance on understanding your family’s dynamics as we do on understanding your balance sheet.

Our approach begins with a discovery meeting that thoroughly explores your values, family and financial circumstances, and expectations for the future. Collaborating with your other trusted advisors, we will develop an understandable roadmap to achieve your targeted outcomes. More importantly, your plan will be regularly updated to reflect the realities of life and evolving circumstances.

Business Transition Planning

The Great Diamond team is deeply experienced in preparing business owners and their families – from both a practical and emotional perspective – for the transition of a business through a generational transfer or an outright sale.

We walk the owner through the process, identifying options and recommending solutions for a successful transition. Due to the inherent complexities in business transitions, we work closely with your other trusted advisors as well as third-party experts, creating a collaborative and coordinated team, working to your advantage.

Services Offered

01. Investment Consulting
02. Tax Planning and Mitigation
03. Wealth Transfer
04. Insurance Strategies
05. Charitable Giving