We thrive on providing an exceptional client experience.

You are our top priority.

Great Diamond Partners is an independent wealth management firm committed to serving sophisticated clients and their families. Our team focuses on both financial and lifestyle needs, which means we work to understand you wholly so we can provide the resources and counsel that will empower you. Deeply experienced in working with individuals, families, and business owners, we can guide you through a disciplined process of effective planning and investment management.

Integral to our planning services is our unique focus on charitable giving and serving the greater good. We love to connect clients and community with opportunity.

From a philosophy rooted in stewardship to our devotion to transparency and responsiveness, our goal is to provide an exceptional client experience, setting a new standard for wealth management in the process. It all begins with you and your needs.

A woman sitting at the end of a dock taking in the view of the lake in front of her and mountains in the distance

A Philosophy Rooted in Stewardship

Our commitment to stewardship means we represent our clients’ needs above all others.


When you have questions or need to connect with your advisor, we will be there for you.

Woman inside pressing her hand up to glass with a person outside pressing their hand into the glass to meet hers.

Connection, Collaboration, Community

When you work with us, you gain the experience, empathy, and expertise of our entire team as well as an extended network of resources committed to working together to meet your needs. Serving the greater good is central to our financial planning services and to our values.

Together we can build a financial future that reflects your goals.