About Us

Unparalleled Commitment
to Service

Great Diamond Partners is an independent wealth management firm committed to serving sophisticated clients and their families. Our team focuses on their financial and lifestyle needs, including the preservation, growth, protection and transfer of their wealth. Integral to our planning services is our unique focus on charitable giving, an effort that is important to many of our clients and reflects our team members’ commitment to serving the greater good of our communities.

We will help you to identify your financial objectives and customize a precise and durable roadmap to achieve those goals. We will show you how properly managed wealth can empower you to enjoy more of your prosperity and the opportunities it offers.

Deeply experienced in working with individuals, families and business owners, we can guide you through a disciplined process of effective planning and investment management.

With your best interests as our priority, we are committed to prepare you for important financial decisions, ensuring that each step you take is aligned with your intended legacy.

Our Values Our Independence

Great Diamond is proud to serve each of our clients and their families. We are humbled by their profound trust in us as their partners. Our stewardship is defined by a single rule, supported by a set of deeply held core values.

Rule of stewardship

We place our clients’ best interests above all else.

Our Core Values

01. We are compassionate and treasure our relationships

We listen to our clients, bringing to bear our years of experience to fully understand the unique dynamics they face, resulting in mutual bonds that embody our genuine care for their well-being and success.

02. We are service-oriented, service committed

We thrive on providing an exceptional client experience that builds both confidence and positive results, and earns the loyalty of our clients through our integrity and honesty.

03. We collaborate as a team and with our clients

We extend our team-oriented culture to work closely with our clients and their trusted advisors, focusing on our shared moral compass of serving the best interests of each client.

04. We evolve

As our clients’ needs change from one generation to the next and as the world around us advances, we respond and lead, always improving upon what we have done before.