Leverage your time for greater impact.

You deserve tools that optimize your life.

Your plate is full. Opportunities and challenges abound and continue to add up. It’s the nature of being an entrepreneur – it’s both your superpower and burden. The challenges of a business owner include company growth, getting (and retaining) the right people in the right seats, personal development, and personal planning issues. And you’re juggling that with a myriad of other pulls on your day. If there’s a common thread, it’s a lack of time. “If only I had more time.” Time to think, plan, improve, engage, execute…

What if you could turn time into the solution rather than the challenge? What if you had the freedom to use your time in the most meaningful way? Great Diamond Partners has built these tools to help our clients deliver greater impact on their company, family and those they care about. 

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Integrated Wealth Management

A lack of time often leads to neglected personal matters such as tax and estate planning, investment management, risk management, generational planning and charitable giving. Your situation deserves a tailored approach, one that draws on a carefully selected team of closely coordinated experts.

Through deep discovery, the Great Diamond team identifies your core values, history, goals, and relationships. We then connect you to and coordinate with opportunities that allow you to optimize your life and take back time for other pursuits.

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A Curated Network

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed. The immense responsibilities, desire to win, emotional challenges, and solo existence are a difficult mix. The best medicine is to engage with fellow entrepreneurs who share the same challenges and thinking. We know it can be hard to find your tribe, especially with a lack of time. Lunch With 4 Interesting People (LW4IP) is a low-commitment, curated peer group that allows you to engage directly with those who understand you best – other business owners and leaders. Although participants come from a cross section of industries, it’s amazing how common the issues are. LW4IP discussions challenge your strategic thinking and provide insights into the most common problems we face: people, growth and ourselves.

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Business Transition Planning

You are totally absorbed with the day-to-day of running your business. Where will you find the time to think about the next stage in life? Just thinking about it can be overwhelming. Your identity is wrapped up in the business. There are potentially challenging employee and family considerations. Not to mention that forming the right team of experts to execute a transition is not your primary job. Our team of advisors knows how to leverage your time and collaborate with other experts to identify and realize your objectives. Together we can create a detailed map for the road ahead.

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