Wyatt Andreoli B/W

Wyatt Andreoli

Associate Advisor

“It has always been clear to me that Great Diamond’s commitment to clients, the community, and to each other is second to none. I knew that there was no better place to continue my growth, as a professional and as a person.”

BS, Arizona State University

Having lived in Maine his whole life, Wyatt grew up observing his mother’s work in the financial planning industry and was inspired by her 20-year career. He has known he wanted to follow a similar path to hers since he attended Arizona State University. Before joining Great Diamond Partners in 2021, Wyatt had built 6 years of industry experience in Boston, MA, but his love of Maine and the desire to be closer to family brought him “home.”

Financial planning combines two aspects of work Wyatt enjoys most – people and planning. He appreciates getting to know his clients and the long-term relationships that develop with them over time. He also enjoys the planning aspects of his role as Associate Advisor, such as finding creative and unique solutions for clients’ challenges. Since joining GDP, Wyatt has taken a strong interest in working with Next Gen clients and has become a rising expert in sustainable and impact investing. He shares this knowledge and experience with his clients as well as the rest of his team.

In addition to working with clients, Wyatt also leads data and technology efforts at the firm and helps to create centralized planning practices and to support business development efforts. He is also pursuing certification as a Certified Financial Planner and plans to sit for the exam shortly.

Wyatt enjoys playing and coaching soccer, spending time with his family, and hiking in the White Mountains.

Wyatt’s commitment to his local community extends beyond the workday. He volunteers as a soccer coach for youth camps, including Camp Susan Curtis, a program for Maine children facing economic hardship. He also runs his own amateur men’s team based out of Portland.

Three Things to Know
“I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old. It started as a way to spend time with all my best friends – I grew up in a small town and we all played together through all levels of grade school. I began following Manchester United when I was around 10 years old and I’ve always appreciated the team’s philosophy and culture. I would love to translate some of my experience and knowledge into a middle or high school coaching opportunity.”
“If I could relive any day of my life, it would be my brother Blaine’s wedding, hands down. It was intimate and low-key, but such a lively celebration at the same time. I have never been happier, laughing and tearing it up on the dance floor, surrounded by my absolute favorite people, and knowing that Blaine was starting an amazing new chapter in his life. I value the relationships I have with my family above everything else.”
“I love a physical challenge, especially when it’s outdoors and with an adventurous twist. I’ve surfed in California, hiked in Colorado, and completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in Arizona. My most memorable hike was The Path of the Gods, a clifftop trail running along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Often referred to as the best hike in the world, I can confirm the views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the village of Positano are truly breathtaking.”