Values-Based Investing

Impact Strategy

We’ve partnered with Ethic to create the Great Diamond Partners Impact Strategy, which seeks to address the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change, racial justice, human rights, corporate ethics and education.

Ethic is a tech-driven asset manager that powers the creation of impactful equity portfolios. Ethic utilizes technology, data science, and design to empower investors to express their values through investments. Learn more in the conversation below featuring Great Diamond CEO Steve Tenney and Ethic Co-founder Jay Lipman.

The five pillars represented
in our Impact Strategy:

Values Pillar

Climate Change

The Climate Change Pillar seeks to limit the negative health and environmental impacts of a changing climate, in part by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the adoption of renewable energy sources in the global economy. Climate change is related to nearly all other pillars in its broad, global implications.

Values Pillar

Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Pillar seeks to improve material living conditions for historically disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups.

Values Pillar

Human Rights

The Human Rights Pillar seeks to reduce violations of individual dignity, liberty, and equality around the globe. Despite the broad embrace of these principles across most of the world’s countries, human rights violations are still common.

Values Pillar

Corporate Ethics

The Corporate Ethics Pillar seeks to reduce fraud, unfair competition, and irresponsible marketing practices.

Values Pillar


The Education Pillar seeks to improve educational outcomes and increase access to quality information for people of all ages. Corporate behaviors can influence a range of environmental and social factors that affect educational outcomes.