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Is a CFP® Professional Important to Your Financial Security?

Jan 31, 2023

At the core of who we are at Great Diamond Partners, there is an unwavering commitment to provide objective financial planning and dedicated service to all of our clients. As financial professionals, we feel confident in our ability to adhere to a set of rigorous guidelines due to the cross section of disciplines and skill sets we bring together as a team.

Two of our founding partners, Helen Andreoli and myself, have been practicing CFP® professionals for a combined 3 decades of practice. Our associate teammates Wyatt Andreoli and Andrew Scott are both navigating through the CFP educational curriculum and hope to be certified in the near future.

Why is having a CFP® professional important to your financial security?

At an October 2022 national CFP Conference in Washington DC, it was affirmed for me that for more than 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification has been the standard of excellence for financial planners. CFP® professionals have met extensive training and experience requirements and commit to CFP Board’s ethical standards that require them to put their clients’ interests first.

Furthermore, as CFP® professionals at Great Diamond Partners, we embrace a holistic, personalized approach to bring all the pieces of your financial life together – most likely for the first time. Risks are identified, goals are clarified, and plans evolve as changes occur in our complex world. The vehicle for this unification of personal goals and financial resources is our Money Guide Pro planning report and this is available to all Great Diamond Partner clients. By utilizing behavioral finance concepts, we strive to improve financial stability and open the door to financial happiness in the latter part of a client’s life post-career.

Last, but certainly not least, collaboration happens between other professionals working for the betterment of your family. CPAs are consulted on charitable giving and tax mitigation. Attorneys weigh in on wealth transfer and legacy goals and the entire financial plan then becomes implemented in harmony with what is truly important to your family.

Great Diamond Partners is proud of our commitment to maintain our CFP® designations and we will strive for continuous improvement in how we advise & counsel you, our clients, as it relates to the financial planning discipline.

Joe Powers

Founding Partner & Chief Planning Officer