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Leaving a Legacy that Matters

Jan 19, 2023

Great Diamond Partners provides comprehensive advanced planning services to our clients.  In doing so, we ask a number of very important questions regarding a clients’ goals and objectives.  One of my favorite questions is “What is your biggest accomplishment”?  Our process allows for clients to interpret the questions we pose in whatever way speaks to them and there are no right or wrong answers.  We often get to hear about how proud people are of the children they have raised and the career/education/life successes that have allowed them to enjoy their lives.

Our team always tries to dig a little deeper.  We will ask what is it about this specific accomplishment that means so much to you?  How has it really shaped your life?  Why is it so important?  That question is a little tougher to answer as it is asking clients to dig a little deeper and connect their accomplishments to their values.

When I think about my own “big” accomplishments I think about many things related to my family, to my success as a business owner and contributions I have made to the community.  To be fair, then I must also dig deeper and think about why these particular accomplishments mean so much and how they reflect my values.  The answer is easy – they are all related to the legacy I will leave my beautiful  granddaughter, Wren.

My accomplishments as a parent revolve around several things.  My children have all been educated, are gainfully employed, but most importantly are good humans.  In relation to my granddaughter, though, I have raised a thoughtful and respectful son who exhibits those traits everyday and I know he will pass them on to his daughter.   I’d like to think that along the way I showed true and genuine support for the relationship between her parents, helping them to navigate jobs and moves.

Accomplishments at work mean that I will be able to help her in the future to pursue her dreams.  She will be able to get an education, to do some traveling and have the luxury of figuring out who she wants to be in the world.  To me, that’s why financial stability is important in my life.

Contributions I have made to the community are things I hope she will be proud of and learn from in the future.  I want her to recognize the importance of giving both of her time and her resources to others.

Raising kids and grandkids is hard.  It’s not always fun and it’s work. It is also an opportunity – there are so many little moments when you can help shape them.  The messages we give about who they can be.  The cues they take from how we treat others.  The hunger we can foster in them to keep learning and to be open and honest and to ask questions.  The strength we can give them to speak their mind and be true to themselves.  This is my real legacy.

When I look at that beautiful little girl and imagine all that she can be, I recognize that she has advantages – including the loving and safe family into which she was born.  And as I continue to learn about life, I can pass those lessons to her as she grows and help her to take advantage of my knowledge.

My biggest accomplishment is the realization that I have the desire and ability to help teach and shape her into the person she will become.  I will continue to relish this role and give her the very best I can give and, hopefully, leave a lasting legacy that carries on to her children some day.


Helen Andreoli

Founding Partner, President & CFO