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PODCAST | Dynasty Financial Partners Powering Independence Podcast | How Great Leaders Combine Data and Instinct to Produce Results

Feb 07, 2022

The Powering Independence Podcast is a conversation about the RIA Space hosted by Austin Philbin. His friends and guests include individuals spanning the entire spectrum of wealth management. A high-energy, insightful creation; this show aims to demystify many of the myths of financial services and provide insights, fresh ideas and a true look into what it takes to be a successful wealth management entrepreneur. Austin will ask the questions that need to be answered by any firm looking to drive scale, efficiency and enterprise value.

Episode 31: How Great Leaders Combine Data and Instinct to Produce Results

Guest Speakers: Steve Tenney, Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer at Great Diamond Partners. Nikolee Turner, Managing Director, Business Consultant, Advisor Services at Charles Schwab.

Data is an important theme in all types of businesses, especially wealth management. In this episode, we explore the intersection between data and instinct. How wealth management entrepreneurs use benchmarks and quantitative information to track activity and drive results. Steve and Nikolee illustrate these themes through personal and professional stories.